Training for Engineers, by Engineers

Those who can, do. Those who can’t, have no business teaching.

At Netanium, we don’t have full-time teachers. Instead, all of our classes are led by engineers who possess both exceptional technical skill and a strong capacity to teach – with the certifications to back up both. When not in the classroom, our engineers are out using and working with the products they teach. This gives us the up-to-date, applicable, real-world experience that you can only get by working in the field.

Netanium is an Authorized Training Center

When it comes to Check Point, Netanium is an Authorized Training Center with multiple Check Point Certified Instructors and an established track record of providing exceptional education to Check Point users. In recent years, with the active involvement of our own instructors and a few others around the world, Check Point has re-engineered their official curricula to deliver even more engaging, effective, and applicable training. This updated courseware, along with Netanium's exceptional lab environment and teaching engineers, results in an unmatched education experience.

Location needn’t be prohibitive!

In addition to our training centers in the Northeast US, we have custom-engineered a very effective environment for online training. The time and cost of travel no longer has to keep you from receiving highly-skilled, live, instructor-led education. You can attend from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office – without compromise. All of our online classes are still taught live by the same Netanium engineers and encourage student discussion and interaction.